Skywalker OG


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Skywalker OG is an award-winning hybrid strain that was first discovered in California by crossing Skywalker with the ever classic OG Kush. This strain is most well-known for being extremely potent and high in THC content, and is sure to satisfy everyone, whether a supporter of the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance. 

The appearance of this strain may vary from grower to grower, but it guaranteed to be recognized by the amazing amount of sticky, white trichomes, resembling bright stars in the galactic sky. Skywalker OG is also characterized by its medium green leaves, minimal bright orange hairs and sticky and profoundly dense buds. The aroma and flavour profile of Skywalker OG is sure to distinguish it as an exotic strain. This strain is defined by main notes of gassy jet-fuel and undertones of a dank, sour lemon and an ending notes of an earthy pine. As a hybrid strain, the complex flavours and aroma of both parent strains shine through and offers a very easily palatable smoke. 

This is an 85/15 indica dominant hybrid strain with the heavily sedating effects of a typical kush and the enlightening and calming effects of a sativa strain. At the lowest, laboratory results show that true Skywalker OG flowers to boast an average THC percentage of 26%, making it a flower that is not recommend for those looking for a casual smoke. Upon consuming Skywalker OG, users will notice the immediate sedative qualities of the strain and experience the intense body high, proving it to be excellent at treating inflammation, and most aches and pains. Asides from being great at treating physical ailments, Skywalker OG puts users in a state of cerebral relaxation, a spacey high that excels at dealing with anxiety and depression. Overall, this is a strain that will put you on a galactic high. 


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