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Romulan is a Canadian favourite, hailing from the West coast of beautiful British Columbia. It was originally named in honour of the intimidating alien race from the ‘Star Trek’ franchise. It is safe to assume that this name was a nod to the high potency and strong high associated with the strain. Laboratory results for true Romulan strains tend to show average THC levels of 20%-24%, classifying it as a higher THC indica. Due to the indica nature of the strain, it is mostly recommended for treating pain due to it’s sedative and relaxed effects on the body, although Romulan is also a great strain for helping to produce an appetite. The sedative body high is matched by a dreamy, euphoric high, putting users into a deep sense of serenity, making it great for lounging on the couch. The smell of Romulan is defined by a subtle sweetness, followed by woody and earthy undertones. The flavour profile of Romulan is mild, with sharp notes of citrus and pine.

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