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Pineapple Kush is that rarest of finds on the medicinal cannabis advertise: a restorative strain high in CBD and low in THC. CBD levels top 5-15%, making this a perfect strain for treating the epileptic issue and different issues that require that cannabinoid. In the meantime, THC levels are underneath 3%, and that implies youngsters with seizure issue might have the capacity to securely utilize Pineapple Kush separates (counsel a specialist or budtender for more data).


Purchase Pineapple Kush Online. This strain is a Sativa-prevailing crossover with 70/30 sativa/indica proportion, and however there isn’t a lot of a high, the impacts are said to be inventive, cheerful, agreeable, and rationally engaged. Besides seizures, this strain can be utilized to treat nervousness, physical weariness, irritation, headaches, muscle fits, queasiness, and agony. The smell is gritty and sweet and the flavor is hearty with clues of chestnut and pineapple. The thick, verdant buds are dim green with dark colored hairs. Dry mouth is the most normally detailed reaction, however dry eyes, wooziness, nervousness, and neurosis are likewise conceivable.

Impacts: Creative, Happy, Uplifted, Focused

Restorative: Stress, Depression, Fatigue

THC: 20

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