Glueberry O.G.


Glueberry O.G. or Glueberry for short, is a wonderful award-winning sativa-dominant hybrid flower created by the experienced growers at Dutch Passion. They hail all the way from the Netherlands, and specialize in rarer phenotypes. This strain was bred and cultivated by crossing Blueberry, Gorilla Glue #4 and OG Kush and the outcome created a flower with a sweet, flavourful taste and an exotic aroma.



Surprisingly for a sativa-dominant hybrid, Glueberry boasts an impressive average of 22% THC levels. This strain is not to be taken lightly, and is recommended for experienced stoners, or for anyone looking to get very, very high. Like most hybrid strains, the high of Glueberry O.G. is fairly balanced, although it weighs more towards the sativa side, providing users with an intense mind-altering effects and a mild body high. Therapeutically or medicinally, Glueberry O.G. is best used, and mostly recommended as an alternative for the treatment of anxiety, depression, and stress due to the cerebral and uplifting nature of this strain.

This strain is very exotic looking, and extremely pleasing to the eyes. Dense, cone shaped buds are accentuated by minimal pistils – or orange hairs, and an icy green-almost blue colour. What makes this strain so distinct from other strains, is the impressive amount of sticky, glue-like trichomes covering the flowers. You will definitely want a grinder for this! Glueberry O.G. boasts a sweet, blueberry essence with notes of diesel and pine. It is extremely flavourful on the smoke, and taste just like it smells!

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