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If you’re looking for a new form of cannabis to try out, these three should definitely make it to your list.

All over the world, though predominantly in the United States, the cannabis community is trying its hand and its luck with three slightly different yet equally tantalising creations. Those being Moonrocks, Sunrocks and cannabis Caviar. If you’re unfamiliar with how it all works, here’s a brief introduction to what’s commonly referred to as the strongest cannabis in recorded history.


The basic premise of all three products is relatively simple, though spectacularly effective. That being – a process whereby the highest quality buds are selected, drenched in a cannabis concentrate of some kind and left to dry before smoking.  The key difference being that while Cannabis Caviar is dipped in high-strength wax and left as is, Moonrocks and Sunrocks are then liberally coated in a thick layer of pure kief. And while Sunrocks are dipped in the same kind of cannabis concentrate as Cannabis Caviar, Moonrocks are dipped in the highest-grade hash oil money can buy.

Put these ingredients together and the end result is the kind of nuclear nugget that can have a TCH concentration of anything from 50% to 90% or more. It’s basically a case of taking some of the strongest cannabis products there are and putting them together, in order to create a killer cannabis cocktail the likes of which you’ve never experienced before. The resulting product being so strong that even Snoop Dogg – the world’s official godfather of cannabis – has admitted that he only ever goes near them with extreme caution.

Exactly where the idea first came from remains something of a secret, though plenty of people have attempted to stake claims of their own. Not that it really matters – the fact that they exist really is all we care about.



So that’s the basics and the formula taken care of. But how about the all-important question – are these super-strength cannabis hybrid creations worthy of your time?

The answer…well, it basically depends on two things – how strong you like your cannabis and how much cash you have to spare.

First and foremost, if you are interested in buying Moonrocks, Sunrocks or Cannabis Caviar from a dispensary, you could be in for a nasty surprise. The reason being that a single ounce often sells for more than $4,000. Not that you aren’t getting huge value for money, but still – probably a little more than the average stoner likes to spend on cannabis novelties. Which in turn means that the only realistic option for most is to go the DIY route. But at the same time, you’re still going to need to stockpile the necessary goodies to make it happen. Top-shelf cannabis, concentrates of some kind and a liberal dusting of kief, if going with Moonrocks or Sunrocks.

So in any case, it isn’t going to be cheap. But it doesn’t have to bleed you dry either – just so long as your set your sights on a realistic haul, rather than looking to produce way more than you can afford. Plus it’s worth remembering that a little bit of this stuff goes a very, VERY long way. So even if you only end up with a Moonrock the size of a marble, it’s probably going to last you a while.

Just be sure to handle them with care if you do get your hands on them – especially if you aren’t the most experienced cannabis user in the world. Just as is the case with the highest-grade shatter, you might only need one or two hits with these guys for the kind of high there’s no coming down from!

Well, not for a good few hours, anyway!

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